Video Banking

Video banking is a relatively new service, but one’s that becoming incredibly popular internationally. In short, video banking is intended to increase the service offering to bank customers and account holders, with added the convenience of extending essential banking services and support beyond traditional opening hours.

Here’s how it works

There’s two main forms of video banking. Firstly, there’s dedicated video banking integrated into existing branches. Here, video terminals replace actual bank tellers and representatives, reducing the amount of workforce that needs to be on site, without compromising on service quality to customers.

What’s more, it means customers can speak in real time to highly specialised banking professionals, without having to arrange an in-branch meeting in advance. Video conferencing is also available for customers who need to speak to a representative from their bank from home, their office, or just about anywhere in the world.

This is particularly useful for those who regularly travel for work, have issues with their accounts and banking services when abroad, or require dedicated support out of hours. Video banking can allow customers to make deposits, check the status of deposits, or request withdrawals.

They’ll also be able to arrange transfers, make bill payments, and process new accounts. Video banking is also incredibly useful for customer authentication, particularly useful for users of the best online casinos requiring large sums of money to be processed out of hours, when a visit to a branch is simply not possible.

For high rollers depending on wire/bank transfers, or deposits credit and debit cards associated with their bank accounts, video banking and VoIP conferencing is an indispensable asset.

So long as you’ve a reliable internet connection, video banking is a worthwhile consideration if you require a more flexible solution to critical banking processes. If you’re expecting to deposit large sums of money, the added benefit of near-instantaneous authentication is incredibly appealing, while the ability to check on the status of incoming payments means you’ve clear oversight of when your winnings are deposited to your assigned account.